Disco Mary reveals "Everything's Normal, Everything's OK"

Glasweigan act Disco Mary a couple of weeks ago dropped their sugary new single, "Everything's Normal, Everything's OK", which is their second effort of 2022.

The alt-pop track is a vibrant one that opens up right away with vocal tones and squelchy guitar tones. It's a very sugary track with the main vocals coming in right after giving it that breezy feel.

... they've clearly got something special. 

The chorus is a sensational moment as the BMP picks up and you find your foot tapping away, it reminds me a lot of the Indie-Pop genre in the UK when the likes of Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club were growing, and Disco Mary have that infectious sound that those aforementioned bands have.

Speaking about the release the bad says - "The song is based on a night spent exploring the back alleys and weird places of the city and how it shapes our mental state. We recorded the roar of the city at night and sampled it into the song to capture some of the strange magic of that night."

It's clear to see why they've been picked up by BBC Radio Scotland and BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq, they've clearly got something special.