Jack Phemister releases "Backwards Sideways", the lead single off his debut album.

Last week, Melbourne singer-songwriter Jack Phemister published his debut album "Death of the Close Minded," his boldest release to date. The first song on the aforementioned album is titled "Backwards Sideways," and it is the crucial song since it is what we will be focused on today.

"Backwards Sideways" is charming, jazzy and so damn wholesome.

This was my first introduction to Jack as a whole, and it's smooth and coffee shop friendly from the start, to put it simply it's charming, jazzy and so damn wholesome. What we have here is Jack's folk-lead vocals with some gorgeous double bass, clean acoustic guitars, and incredibly organic percussion. 

The lack of technological interruption is mesmerizing, especially when a windward instrument (I believe a flute) enters, bringing warmth. As this is the lead single from Jack Phemister's debut album, I soon fell in love with the sound Jack has created and ended up listening to the entire 10-track LP - if you need something to put on for some relaxation, be sure to check out Jack Phemister's debut album!