Jewelia unveils the gorgeous new single, "Second Best"

Jewelia, a rising London-based singer-songwriter, has just released her stunning new tune "Second Best." With over 17k monthly Spotify listeners, this under-the-radar artist from the capital seems like the genuine deal, and with the utterly spectacular track out for everyone to hear, I'm sure this is only the beginning for Jewelia.
utterly spectacular.

The new track is a beautiful piece of pure pop, including some fantastic vocals in the start combined with delicate piano sounds. The chorus really brings the song to life, and it's at this point that you can see why she has over 500,000 Spotify plays.

The lyrics on this are just so honest and emotive, and speaking about the song she mentions - "Coming to terms with the fact that you are average is not a topic that is covered much in pop culture. If that sounds like a depressing subject to you, ask yourself why. It shouldn’t be - most of us are just like that"

With every single getting well clear into and upwards of 10,000 plays on Spotify I'm sure that it'll be a matter of time before something big happens - so to be a part of the rise be sure to follow her on the socials now!