Luna Keller returns with a stunning new single, "Wolves"

Cologne's Luna Keller has returned with, "Wolves", her stunning new single which acts as the first piece of new music from the German artist since her album "Prophecies And Silver Linings" came out back in April of this year.

... in terms of sheer beauty "Wolves" can easily be talked about in the same sentence with the very best the worldwide folk scene has to offer.

Much like with the other tracks Luna Keller has released this one too is as gentle as can be. The track is just shy of the five minute mark, but even if it was ten minutes long it would feel like it's over too soon. 

The intro is perfect, smooth humming tones kiss the one guitar chiming away, Luna's vocals here are so tender, sweet and full of soul. "Wolves" reminds me of a blend of Ben Howard mixed with the likes of Of Monsters and Men - in terms of sheer beauty this can easily be talked about with the very best

Speaking about the new release Luna Keller mentions - "My Twitch community helped me finance the production of the song and I collaborated with some of my favourite musician friends from that space: Kalden Berg on vocals, Thomas LaVine on drums, Alden Heckel on Guitar and Roger Keller on bass and piano." It's safe to say that this track will be the one that makes you fall in love with Luna Keller's music if you haven't already done so.