Nicky Lipp reveals debut single, "One Of These Days"

Rising out of the scene up in Edinburgh, Scotland is Nicky Lipp. Recently the singer-songwriter has revealed his incredibly upbeat debut single, "One Of These Days". There's been a really solid amount of great bands and artists coming out of Scotland in the recent few years and it sounds like Nicky Lipp is going the way of Gerry Cinnamon.

"One Of These Days" is an alt-pop classic for the modern ages.

Now, as soon as you play the track you're instantly hit with Nicky's irresistible vocals mixed in with a vibrant keyboard sound before it starts to evolve into an alt-pop classic for the modern ages. The breakdown in the song is tremendous, elevating it to anthemic levels with the expansive bass intertwining with finger clicks and a simplistic drum beat.

What Lipp has managed to create with this track is a song that's more than just that, it's a tune that'll surely get you begging for more - Lipps only remaining show of 2022 is at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow takes place on Fri 9 December 2022 with remaining tickets available via