svicideghost drops new punk infused cut, "Sticks & Stones"

Coming in at just a 152 seconds long is svicideghost's fresh new track "Sticks & Stones", it's the first track from the Worcester based artist since the "When Im Gone" EP that dropped back in February of this year. 

This song, in my opinion, has two distinct halves: first, it has endearing indie-pop guitars that are combined with punk vocals and light orchestration, and then it transitions into outright punk-rock with some stronger vocal tones.

Each and every fan of punk music will adore the way the song builds you up to what feels like an explosion in front of you., whether it be post-punk, punk-rock or those skater orientated punk acts. You too can check out the track below, and if you like it you can certainly be sure to delve into his cak catalogue.