Ali Rice returns with the sensational "Night Call"

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Ali Rice has returned with his latest single, "Night Call". The new single is his eighth single since he started to release music in 2020 and for me, it sounds like he's at the point where he can be noticed by the masses. 

"Night Call" has it all, tender acoustic moments and anthemic stadium filler moments!

Opening up the song is some tender acoustic guitar tones and his vocals that follow shortly after, which just sets the tone for the rest of the track. Speaking about the single Ali mentions - " ... "Night Call" is an indie rock love song about trying to rekindle a romantic spark, and dealing with all the lust and frustration it can cause. "

With some tremendous effects on the track as it progresses it evolves from an acoustic love song to an indie-rock anthem, the acoustic guitar takes a backseat as the reverb-laced guitar takes center stage and it's here that you can feel your foot tapping away in appreciation.

The more and more you stick with the track and listen to it the better it becomes, and especially in the latter half, it bursts into an out-and-out stadium filler before it fades out ultimately leaving you pining for more! 

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