BIRCHES share video for new single, "Be Unknown"

Irish quartet BIRCHES today has shared the video for new single, "Be Unknown". The new single is their fourth of the year and follows on from them releasing a couple of demos and their strong previous outing "SEE YOURSELF TOMORROW".
BIRCHES are onto something, we can feel it.

The new track is more of the same captivating emo-tinted indie-rock, with tones reminiscent of D.C Fontaines and to some extent Bring Me The Horizon with how well polished the track sounds.

I can easily see this new single being one of their biggest tracks in years to come, with chant-able lyrics and the sing-a-long worthy vocal hooks it's one we can see their fans jumping up and down in the middle of a field in appreciation. The dark tones are balanced off with upbeat drives of guitar mixed with those ever-present vocal tones of Liam. 

BIRCHES are onto something, so be sure to check them out and give it a spin - and if you're about be sure to see them live on the 8th of December @ the Deer's Head - Belfast!