Green Wire returns with frantic new single, "Cigarettes On The Dancefloor"

Green Wire returns with their frantic new single, "Cigarettes On The Dancefloor", and while looking at just the title I instantly thought it could sound like a hybrid of Two Door Cinema Club's "Cigarettes in the Theatre" mixed with "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by Arctic Monkeys, and I tell you what it sounds like they've done one better!

 "Cigarettes On The Dancefloor" is the type of song you'd expect to see on an indie-rock anthem playlist, they're going to do well for sure!

"Cigarettes On The Dancefloor" is the Manchester quartet's fourth song of the year and it feels like they've saved the best for last. Opening up with a frantic drumbeat and sonically charged guitars it's straight into anthem territory.

Those Two Door Cinema Club and Arctic Monkeys nods are there with the sheer pace of the song with the myself feeling almost like I'm at a live show of theirs, the songwriting is top notch here and it's no wonder that the band is growing with every release.