James White & The Wild Fire releases new single "Where I Used To Be"

Essex quartet James White & The Wild Fire have dropped their country-infused new single "Where I Used To Be". The new track is actually their first single, following on from their debut EP, "Making Tracks" and their live album, "Live at Saffron Hall" (both of which dropped without a lead single).

Following on from that sold-out show in Saffron Walden there has been a lot of hype within the local scene and bluegrass scene about them, and with a lot of blue-balling all year, the single is finally here. It's a sensational lesson in how a non-American act can still create some amazing country and bluegrass music.

Speaking about the track lead singer/guitarist James mentions - "Where I Used To Be" is a song written by myself about the love I have for someone and how that will never change no matter the time, distance or change in circumstances despite us no longer being together that I shall always be there for them. "

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