jnr. reveals dreamy new single, "Say (Light Me Up)"

Just a few days ago, Australian singer-songwriter jnr. released his latest track, "Say (Light Me Up)." The latest single is only his third release, but after listening to it, you'd swear he'd been doing it for a long time.

"Say (Light Me Up)" has one foot in the 80s and one foot in the future, it's just one big slice of dream-pop waiting to be discovered. 

The tune begins with his dreamy vocals mixed in with wonderfully airy synths, establishing the tone for what is to come as it is a futuristic and 80s-influenced dream-pop cut.

Cascading drums take this to the next level, sounding like something that would have topped the charts in 1985. We've got some electronically charged backing vocals adding to the ambiance, and it's here that I fell in love with jnr.'s sound.