Secret Treehouse share soaring new track, "Lovers in the Streets"

For me, Bergen in Norway is the hub of great music in the Nordic country, and Secret Treehouse are emphasizing that statement even more with their strong new single, "Lovers in the Streets". The new cut is their first release since April of 2021, but it sounds like it's been like the wait was worth it. 

Vocally we have a blend of Grimes' airy tones mixed with a blend of Pale Waves and with some bouncy hues of Bloc Party. It's with the guitar tones and drums where I find the track come alive, the punchy nature of it won me over and will also grab the attention of anyone who loved guitar-driven music in the early 2010s.

"Lovers in the Streets" is by far their biggest single to date, it's electronically charged, sonic, and vocally stunning. Be sure to check out the track and while you're doing that head over to their socials to keep in touch with future releases, you don't want to miss out on what's coming next!