Taylor Roche releases alt-pop bop, "lovemesober"

Ever on the rise singer-songwriter Taylor Roche has today released his dreamy alt-pop tune, "lovemesober". The new offering is the first to be released since his stunning single "day&night" dropped back in August. Since then Taylor has been gaining popularity, ending up with him being playlisted by an official Spotify playlist with his TikTok account also booming.

"lovemesober" sounds like Taylor Roche has found his sound, he's onto something amazing we're sure of it.

Each artist knows that point where they've found their sound, and for me, it sounds like Taylor has found his. As soon as the track starts we've got a smooth blend of acoustic pop mixed with dreamy indie tones. Vocally it reminds me of The Neighbourhood, and the whole tone of the song gives me those vibes too, he really has nailed down the moody atmospheric-indie sound.

Speaking about the song Roche mentions - "The song follows a fragile feeling of not knowing if a newfound love is actually love or just something that only exists in an altered state." If you love this as much as I did, so be sure to check out his Spotify, and while you're there head over to TikTok to follow one of New Zealand's rising pop stars.