Arin returns with his new single, "Loving is Wasted"

London-based signer-songwriter Arin has returned today with his new single, "Loving is Wasted", which is his first outing since his September release "Therapy".

The new single is a very laid back affair, with his vocals being softly laid on the relatively bare instrumentals. It's a very synth driven track with lots of atmosphere added on top, with the simplistic drums and keyboards winning me over.

... in a nutshell it's a delightful dream-pop tune

When the chorus comes in the tempo kicks up a notch, but here it's that we feel like Arin has found his genre - in a nutshell it's a delightful dream-pop tune. It's very ethereal in places too which adds to the general sound of it all, and a dash of 80s synths mixed into the song in the latter half just caps it off for  me

Speaking about the track Arin says "It was all based around the concept of Love Triangles which never matched up and how the person you fall for has interest in someone else and things never matching up." 

If you're reading this the track is OUT NOW, so head on over to his Spotify and give it a spin, and do be sure to follow him on the socials to keep in touch with new tunes and shows.