Basement Party share debut single, "Everything's the Same"

Hailing from Austin, Texas is Basement Party and earlier on this month the band shared their debut single, "Everything's the Same". Since they released the single at the start of the month they've been playlisted by a handful of curators on Spotify, and rightly so!

The band fuse together electronica and psychedelia sounds to create something that can't be described enough, but I'll try. 

Hazy, psych tinted and with surf-vibes, Basement Party's first track is a winner for sure!

The intro is hazy and sounds like a fuzzy surf-pop track but as the track gets to the chorus it becomes apparent that they also dabble in a bit of psychedelia. If you could imagine a blend o MGMT's electronic sounds mixed with Tame Impala's hazy psych sounds with Beach Boys vocal tones then you're pretty much there with "Everything's The Same".

Since forming at the start of the year it sounds like Basement Party have the tunes to do well, and now with "Everything's The Same" now out in the world I feel like they can easily get a solid amount of fans in the next year or so, so long as they keep this sound they're onto a winner.