Darren Mason shares smooth new alt-pop cut, "Price"

Released today is Darren Mason's smooth new alt-pop cut, "Price", which is his fourth single of 2022. Leading on from his successful single "I Need You", which dropped back in August, he's taken the formula of his previous tracks and has wrapped this new track up ever so beautifully.

he is well on the way to achieve something magical.

Sitting in at nearly five minutes long the new single is very laid back and focuses heavily on Darren's very soulful vocal tones. The voice is wrapped up in a rather simplistic - and yet powerful - keyboard and synth which helps to emphasize the sheer quality of Darren's lungs.

Hitting the high notes with such tenderness the single heavily leans on Darren's voice, but to be honest when someone can sing this well then lead on my man!

Speaking about the single he mentions- " ... ["Price" is] about my upbringing... those who look after us looking too much at themselves instead of nurturing and sharing love. They seek to criticise the weak for being weak."

With thousands of plays on Spotify alone already, several top quality playlist placements and lot's of live shows already under his belt, he is well on the way to achieve something magical.