Emerald Park releases first single since 2019, "Little Things"

Sweden's Emerald Park has recently released their first single since 2019's effort, "Little Things". Since then they have dropped an EP back in 2020 and after that they've been in the studio coming up with new tracks, and "Little Things" is the first one from those sessions.

It's both dark and moody but with some gorgeous bright guitar tones to balance it all off.

Emerald Park was resurrected in the beginning of covid times as a solo project of Tobias Borelius and with him going solo you may have thought the magic was lost, but how you'd be wrong.

"Little Things" features synths rather heavily on this track with the bassline also being a synth tone that pulsates through your head. Vocally it's leaning towards the realm of darkness but also it's balanced off with some bright guitars and twinkles of keyboards.

"Little Things" is out now and is the first single from the upcoming album "Lovers In Reverse" by Emerald Park featuring Hate The Boyfriend which will be released February 2023.