Frankie Bird releases warm and upbeat new tune, "Never Did Me Any Good"

Frankie Bird returns with her third-ever single, "Never Did Me Any Good", which leads on from her strong debut cut "Younger Dreams" and her breakthrough track "Campfire". The London singer-songwriter seems to be on the rise as this song just shouts to me that's it's been written for the summer-time.

"Never Did Me Any Good" is so feel-good it'll warm you up in seconds.

"Never Did Me Any Good" opens up with some fantastic acoustic guitar tones with Frankie's soulful vocals caressing it, as the track evolves those guitars become more jangly turning into something similar to that The Smiths are known for.

It's a feel-good track from the first beat right until it finishes, the vocals are so sweet they can easily grab your attention and with inspirations from the likes of Oasis and The Beatles it's no wonder the single is full of life.

If you like what you hear be sure to check her out on Spotify, and if you're in London do double check to see if she's performing live as she is well known on the open mic circuit.