Hounds Haul return with epic new single, "Under Glacial"

We nearly thought that 2022 would be a year without a new Hounds Haul track, but they've returned with an epic new single, "Under Glacial". Sitting in at six minutes long it's by far their biggest track to date, and is a huge statement from the Milton Keynes band!

"Under Glacial" is a huge statement from the Milton Keynes band!

The track has an incredibly atmospheric opening with the soaring guitars followed closely with big and booming drum patterns. It almost feels like two tracks here, the first half is an expansive rock anthem with almost marching percussion and stripped back guitars, but then it explodes towards the middle with a wash of electronic noises before it happens...

Vocals get bigger and bigger as time goes by, the whole vibe of the track picks up body and around the four minute mark the tempo picks up. It reminds me of a Foals track where the fans go mental when it eventually drops, and here's the same situation - I can see their fans going crazy for this in the live setting.

The song is the first to be lifted from their forthcoming EP, titled "The Odyssey"- if you like what you hear already then be sure to stick around for the drop of the EP next year!