IRYS returns with her new single, "Waiting Syndrome"

The ever-impressive Berlin-based singer-songwriter IRYS has returned with her new single, "Waiting Syndrome". Coming off the back of a string of singles in 2022 it sounds like she's wanting to take her music deeper into the realms of dark-pop.

Berlin is famous for it's alt scene and by the sound of if it IRYS is at the forefront of the emerging scene, as you might be able to hear from her new single "Waiting Syndrome".

it's wonderful to see IRYS evolve her sound

The single has lots going for it, opening up the track is a somewhat grunge-tinted guitar with haunting vocals layered on top. Thick as anything synths are added and the drumbeat comes in, it reminds me of grunge tracks here in the UK with how clean and electronically charged they are.

The chorus has a weird plink-plonk keyboard sound going on, but for me it just adds to the whole alt-pop vibe of the track. With an ever growing fanbase it's wonderful to see IRYS evolve her sound, and if you like this then be sure to check out her previous tunes too!