Keeley Shade unveils the charming new single, "Restless

Based out of Auckland in New Zealand - but originally from Canada - Keeley Shade has released her dreamy new single "Restless", which is the first slice of new music since the release of her 2021 EP "Give Me Time".

"Restless" is a smooth track with some pop sheen laced with indie-rock sensibilities, vocally she reminds me of Holly Humberstone with her soft and dreamy approach but this track is even more powerful - especially when the chorus hits.

Sweet, melodic and powerful - Keeley Shade's new single is simply dreamy!

During the chorus you're welcomed with some guitars that gives a slight 80s vibe to it, almost like Johnny Marr wrote them himself! The whole single bleeds sophistication and is a massive step for Keeley getting noticed even more (and who knows, maybe even a deal)

Speaking about the new single the singer-songwriter mentions - " ... "Restless" is about your twenties. A time in life that feels like an endless cycle of working towards the future, while trying to hold on to youth. A time when it feels like everyone is ahead of you, when everyday is a re-invention of yourself, when you can never shake that restless feeling."