Koalra shares their big new track, "Center of the World"

Chicago's Koalra have been rather busy since they started releasing music on Spotify back in 2019, and nearly 100k plays later the band is back with their new single "Center of the World" - and woah it's a big'un!

"Center of the World" sounds like it can be Koalra's biggest track ever!

The new slice of music is lifted from their 6th album, titled "Nihilism and Analog Tape", the album is out in a few days time on the 28th of December and will close off a solid year for the Illinois act.

Released just on the 13th of December the track has a powerful guitar that leads you in like a hand welcoming you into a house. Followed shortly after are the equally powerful vocals that swoon over the instrumentation, which is backed up with a ever-present drumbeat.

I'm getting big grunge vibes here mixed with Foo Fighters during their peak, the blend of the upbeat drum-kit with the darker vocal tones is a wonderful mix that'll surely be getting any listener to come back for the full length LP when it drops.

The album is available now for pre-order at GiganticNoise.com and Koalra.Bandcamp.com.