Now Open Smokes reveals dreamy and vibrant new cut, "no attraction"

Released last month was Now Open Smokes slick new cut, "no attraction", and I tell you what if you're looking for that silky smooth production and quirky guitar tones heard in Glass Animals music then you're in for a treat. 
Hazy dream-pop with sun-kissed guitars, it's just flawless indie-pop basically!

As soon as the track kicks off you've got a slick finger snap mixed in with fuzzy synths and a warm bassline that'll get you grooving in no time. Vocally it's hazy and has a soulful and smooth approach which really builds you up for what's to come.

The chorus is where we fell in love with the track as we find it similar to the likes of Glass Animals and LANY, there's a slight 'West Coast' vibe to the whole track too with nods possibly to The Neighbourhood's latest work.

Being based out of Sweden the duo are on the rise with every release, and with this slick new track being out in the world we feel like they could be going places with the sound they have evolved into. The track is also lifted from their debut EP "saucy breaks" - which is out now- just do us a favour and give it a spin, you'll love it!