Numbers Don't Count returns with the smooth new cut, "Any Love At All"

The amazing Berlin-based duo of Numbers Don't Count has returned with their smooth new cut, "Any Love At All". The latest single comes off the back of their previous cut "I'll Be There", but this time the band took down the tempo from a rock'n'roll thrill to more of a chilled affair.

"Any Love At All" is a gorgeously smooth track that'll get you all fuzzy and cozy.

Released last week the track showcases that the band has a wide variety of sounds, as heard here this is more of a relaxed track with some smooth and wholesome guitar sounds easing you in from the very start. Vocally it's clear that it's them but it's just so wonderful to hear the duo mix things up and produce a track that you can get cozy with.

Speaking about the track they said - "The song addresses a fundamental pain that occurs when the perception of love is actually much more a projection than a healthy connection between two people."