Teddy Clarke shares frantic new tune, "Poor Man's Son"

London's Teddy Clarke earlier on this month has shared his frantic new tune, "Poor Man's Son", which is his last of 2022 - and he's going out on a bang. In a year that saw him get over 75kplays on Spotify alone and ending up getting playlisted by several high-profile curators he then found his way onto BBC Introducing - and why the heck not.

"Poor Man's Son" is such an addictive track!

With comparisons to the frantic nature of Bloc Party's backline and vocally of The Libertines it's clear Teddy was raised on some fantastic artists, which is reflecting on his own music. "Poor Man's Son" is a very upbeat track that sounds like it can be a setlist closer and a crowd pleaser, the upbeat nature of the track got us tapping our feet like we had too much coffee, basically it's addictive!

Speaking about the new track Teddy mentions - "I think it has become more and more noticeable over the past few years how the incredibly wealthy continue to profiteer and make more money than ever. Whereas anyone not born with a silver spoon is finding navigating life increasingly difficult. Poor Man’s Son talks about a boy having this realisation at a young age and trying to defy the odds which he feels are so heavily stacked against him."

You can listen to all of his tunes now on Spotify, and be sure to follow him to keep up to date with new tunes before anyone else.