The Cookie Jar Complot returns with big new release, "Oh Anna!"

Luxembourg's finest The Cookie Jar Complot has returned with a big new release, "Oh Anna!", which is the first since their single "Cookies" came out in September. The welcome return is two tracks long with the lead single "Oh Anna!" and b-side "Corruption and Violence".

The Cookie Jar Complot delivers the goods once again with a big and bold instrumental release!

As they did before, the lead song opens with washed-out guitar tones layered over a rather math-like percussion. As usual, there are no vocals, but this time, the horn section is what propels the song along and adds a layer of atmosphere. Around the 70-second mark, there is an urgent splash of electronic noises that is fantastic and adds even more meat for the listener to sink their teeth into. The pace quickens at the finish of the song, leaving a lasting impression.

It's not too long for the next track as it happens literally right away. You can see that the band is stepping it down a notch on "Corruption and Violence," becoming somewhat more laid-back. Still, the soaring guitars are present, and the enormous percussion give the impression of being doubled up. The music occasionally has a warm, soulful tone that shows the duo's considerable talent.