Tony Volker releases charming new single, "Deep Deep Love"

London-based singer-songwriter Tony Volker just yesterday released his charming new single, "Deep Deep Love", which has strong twanging guitars similar to that of The Smiths. In fact the song sounds like it was written by Johnny Marr and co as it's so breezy, jangly and is laced with warm guitars laced on top of one another.
Retro-tinted, jangly and heartwarming all at the same time.

Speaking about the track Tony says - "This song was written in aftermath of losing my father and reflects the early stages of grief. It is a moving tribute to him and explores ideas of gratitude and of regret for what was not said. "

The song is both moving and tender, yet with a slight urgency behind the instruments at the forefront of the track, underlying it all is a clean drumbeat which helps keep the tempo set at the right bpm to get your foot-tapping in no time.