Window Shopping unveils vibrant new single, "Port Adelaide"

Hailing from Adelaide in Australia is Window Shopping and today sees them unveil their brand new single, "Port Adelaide". The new offering is only their second ever but when giving it a play you'd think that this band is the type that has headlined stages in festivals all over the country.

They have the charm and sound to go on to big things!

Opening up with a deep and angular guitar the vocals that come rolling over are so sweet and vibrant, and as the percussion comes the track gains body. It's the first verse that the track gets properly going, with vocals that you can easily see a large crowd singing back to them in their masses, it's a proper indie-pop bop!

The chorus is what I'd say the band's sound is, indie-rock infused with soaring indie-rock guitar tones all wrapped up with slick production and a voice that'll turn you into a fan in moments.

With nothing in terms of press or Spotify placements (as this is their debut track... out today...) we will be one of the first to champion them with the following conclusion. Window Shopping's debut offering showcases that they have some serious talent, musically, lyrically and vocally. They have the charm and sound to go on to big things!