Behind Sundown unveils soothing new track, "Empty"

With a trio of singles released last year Behind Sundown returns with their new single, "Empty". The project is the brainchild of Welsh singer-songwriter Owen Weston and came to fruition in 2020 while everyone was locked inside.

The whole project is mainly him, but track to track he brings in collaborators to work with him, and on this cut he's enlisted This Valley Glow from the USA.

"Empty" is a gorgeous blend of Folk and Dream-Pop

"Empty" is a soothing track that is enrobed with shimmering synths floating around in the background, skittish drums and percussion all with a shimmering vocal hook that flows over top of it all. I'd define this track as borderline Folk and Dream-Pop, and with influences ranging from Bon Ivor and Ben Howard it's no wonder he sounds like this.

The collaborative project Owen (aka Behind Sundown) has got going is fantastic, and I feel that with every release there is a tremendous protentional to be picked up by a big curator, tv studio or even a label - he's got the songs for the big time!