Cold Soul shares sweet new track, "Getting Warmer"

Coming out of sunny Philadelphia in the USA is Cold Soul with their short and sweet new single, "Getting Warmer". But why short and sweet I hear you scream, well the track is under two minutes long (short) and the vocals on the track are sugary and ethereal (sweet).

Opening  up the track we have skittery drums and an organic guitar that acts as the backdrop for the vocals (performed by Rachel Naksian). The track is relatively an easy one to navigate as it's not too over-crowded with multiple layers, but what Cold Soul has done here is focus on what they do best, sweet vocal hooks, smooth guitar tones and foot-tapping drums.

The track does pick up towards the end and gives you a glimmer of what future tracks may even sound like. Speaking about the track they say - " ... [It's about] struggles with mental health to create deeply personal lyrics that speak to the difficulties of growing up and navigating modern relationships."