Dom Malin shares relaxing new single, "All I Know"

Dom Malin released his relaxing new single, "All I Know", just this Friday and since then it's worked its way into our hearts. The single is Dom's first since his Winter tune "When December Returns" came out last month and acts as a single that will no doubt end up getting him a lot of attention.

It's one of those tracks that can make you shed a tear of joy.

Here in the UK we have a lot of artists, but sadly there are not a lot of artists in the folk and acoustic scene that can traverse into the mainstream, the likes of Ben Howard (Cornwall) and Passenger (Brighton) are both two examples of talent that has gone viral in recent years. What Dom Malin has here with "All I Know" is a track that can rival the very best that Ben Howard has released.

The soft vocal tones mixed in with finger-picked guitars open up the track, warm tones are in abundance here and it continues for the duration of the track. In the second third of the track more electronic guitars are heard, but it doesn't take anything away from the majesty of it all.

The track peaks (for me at least) in the final third, the addition of the rolling drums with the folk-lead guitars is just perfect. It's one of those tracks that can make you shed a tear with joy.