JackGeorge reveals impressive debut EP, "Under The Apple Tree"

Towards the latter end of 2022 saw a lot of stunning releases, and one of them was JackGeorge's stunning new EP, "Under The Apple Tree". The EP also acts as his first big release following a couple of singles that saw him get playlisted on a handful of curators' Spotify playlists. 

Now considering he has only been releasing music since mid-September he has done rather well to get on any playlists as not a lot of curators look for fresh new talent such as him.

The EP is dreamy, and hazy in places, and yet has a subtly smooth nature to it.

The EP is five tracks long, quite the lengthy one overall with the opening track reminding me of an early Coldplay acoustic b-side, especially with how warm the acoustic guitar sounds.

Heading into the middle of the EP we have his vibrant debut track, "September", which features some high synths and a lovely drumbeat around the choruses. Following that is "Broken Hearts" which is the upbeat track on the EP, giving me big blues vibes and something that perhaps George Ezra would be happy to put his name to.

A final couple of tracks take us for a turn, especially the fourth track "With You" which has a very dominant hazy guitar tone that gives us throwbacks to the 1990s (yes I'm that old), this single can easily sum up the EP as it's dreamy, hazy in places and has a subtly smooth nature to it. The closing track is the most relaxing of the bunch and gives the listener a feel of what new material might sound like as this is the most polished one of the bunch!

As mentioned, the EP is dreamy, and hazy in places, and yet has a subtly smooth nature to it. This is a very solid debut release and certainly warrants its score.

JackGeorge - Under The Apple Tree
Out of 10: 8/10