New Divide share stunning new tune, "Delora"

New Divide's new single "Delora" si the trio's first since their debut release came out in January of 2022. Titled "All I Am" it was backed up with a B-side which got not too far from the same amount of plays as the main tune.

So the new tune, it's a dreamy affair with smooth vocal hooks that'll grab your attention right from the off. The band sounds like a better version of Pale Wales, with much better vocals and with a much more upbeat tone.

Instrumentally the song is very sonic, perhaps taking influences from fellow Manchester bands like Oasis, Joy Division and even The Charlatans. The drive within "Delora" is stunning and I even ended up sticking this on repeat while writing this review as I enjoyed it so much.

As of today they've released two singles, but with success on the local live circuit and being selected by some big Spotify curators along the way I'm sure they won't be a 'local' band much longer! 

Speaking about the new tune they say - " ... "Delora" is the amalgamation of the toxic people in a relationship that manipulate their partner, controlling them through guilt and conditional love until they become the only one you rely upon"