RollercoasteR releases impressive new EP, "Late at night"

Coming out of Nice in France is RollercoasteR with their impressive new EP, "Late at night". The new EP is their third since they started releasing music back in 2021 and this one sounds like a proper throw-back for me.

Coming in in five tracks long they pack a lot in and it doesn't hang about as the first track kicks things off in style. "Lonliness" is a love-letter to the 1980s with some big synth moments, wonderful breakdowns and expansive drumbeats, it's almost as if this was written for a Tron soundtrack!

Flowing right from one another the next track is the titular song which is dominated by the crashing percussion, and much like the track before it we're hearing but whiffs of 1980s here - a trend that continues for the whole of the EP. This song is a little bit down-tempo but still keeps you intrigued with a lick of guitar here and there. 

The middle of the release is dominated with the upbeat "In the shadow of time" - which sounds cherry-picked from a Stranger Things episode with it's soaring glam-rock style guitars and shimmering keyboard tones, it's a perfect transition going forwards as "The Grid" showcases their darker side, almost like the flipside of what we've heard so far.

Closing it all out is the best track in my opinion, "Crystal eyes", which reminds me a bit of New Order if they jammed with Depeche Mode in the deepest park of the winter. It's enriched with the percussion and vocals only confirming why we enjoyed the EP so much.

RollercoasteR is just a duo but the sounds they have are so rich, and this release is just so damn wholesome for a fan of the 1980s and synth-pop.

RollercoasteR - "Late at night"
Out of 10: 8.25/10