Samuel Herb shares vibrant new track, "Paper Thin Walls"

Yet again here we find a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville that has blown us away, ladies, gentlemen and everyone else please give Samuel Herb's new single, "Paper Thin Walls", a spin. 2022 saw Samuel release four singles on Spotify (one being an acoustic version of a previous single) and it saw him get playlisted by some Spotify editorial playlists, alongside that he saw his tunes smash well past the 100k stream mark too.

"Paper Thin Walls" is such a vibrant track with Samuel shining brightly with his vocal tones - just sublime!

"Paper Thin Walls" is such a vibrant track, it's dominated by swooning vocals as heard right from the get-go. Add in some anthemic indie-rock-style guitar hooks that soar into the atmosphere and you're set-up for the track. 

We've also got a smattering of slightly haunting synth tones to balance off the dark and the light. It's an emotional track with Samuel's vocals being one of the highlights for me, there's a reason his fans come back time and time again!