SHN drops ethereal new pop tune, "27 in a 7-Eleven"

Coming right out of Kuala Lumpur (or KL as the locals call it) in Malaysia is SHN with her strong new outing "27 in a 7-Eleven". SHN has plenty of fans from her home country alongside lots of listeners from other countries such as Taiwan and Indonesia, she's now looking to push out from Asia and to win hearts and ears beyond, and this new cut sounds like it's born for it.

"27 in a 7-Eleven" sounds like it's going to push SHN into more people's hearts and ears, with over three million plays already on her music she's on the rise for sure.

The song is incredibly dreamy but has this pop sheen that you can easily hear being played out over speakers in huge arenas and festivals. Her vocals are honestly up there with the very best, ethereal, and soothing yet with a punch that'll leave you wanting more.

Musically there's an underlying folk tone from the acoustic guitar, but overall this is a shimmering pop track with synth hooks everywhere. 

Speaking about the track SHN says - " ... "27 in a 7-Eleven" is an anthem for the young adults, the ones that feel like they are caught in-between, not quite grown up but can no longer call themselves naive."