Superswell unveils upbeat new single, "I Don't Believe It's True"

Bursting out of the New York state music scene is the brilliant Superswell with their infectious new single, "I Don't Believe It's True". The quartet's new single acts as the band's second single following quickly on from their debut single, "Monster".

The new tune is a great alt-rock tune that showcases how infectious their music can be. With influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys creeping in, as heard especially with the guitar on the intro. It's a frantic track with a drummer that can get anyone's body popping in moments. 

"I Don't Believe It's True" is an infectious alt-rock tune which channels their influences just perfectly.

The "hey hey" backing vocals after the choruses are fantastic, as they've seemingly written in something their fans can shout back at them in the live setting.

With plenty of shows in and around New York City and Upstate NY the band has already got the ball rolling, and with more new tunes on the way we can see them going pretty far on the local scene - and who knows, maybe even further afield!