Szou unveils atmospheric new track, "July"

Since 2020 Szou has been releasing music, but as of late her tunes have started to get the attention of more fans and music critics alike. The new single, titled "July", is a very vibrant pop anthem that seems like it's on the cusp of getting her blown up on the local scene, maybe even national.

"July" is a great example of anthemic-pop from an emerging artist, you need to keep an eye on Szou!

The new single very dreamy with her vocal approach, and in the intro especially it features some atmospheric guitar tones with droplets of electronically charged beats. When the chorus comes in we also hear an addition of some very indie-rock style guitars, which just adds to the depth of the song.

As "July" progresses so does our opinion of it, it grows as much as the track ticks on by. It's a stunning example of a new and emerging artist looking to break out, and with Szou being based out of Manchester some may suggest it's a crowded scene, but with tracks such as this I'm sure she can do rather well for herself.