The Silent Era drop their debut single "Heavy Cure"

I doubt you'll have heard of The Silent Era before, as they're literally releasing their debut single just today- but if you're that hardcore you might have stumbled upon some of their demos before!. "Heavy Cure" is the track and right from the intro alone we knew we'd be loving their sound.
The Silent Era are an emerging band with lots of protentional, their debut single is setting them up pretty damn well!

It sounds like the band has taken some influences from the likes of Editors and Echo and the Bunnymen with how their guitars sound. As mentioned earlier, the intro is a whirlwind of sound and sets up the rest of the track perfectly. It's a frantic track with plenty of atmospheric hooks that'll have you nodding your head in appreciation within moments. 

Since their first show in May of 2022 they've been working hard to refine their sound in the studio and the live setting, and this debut single is a labour of love from this emerging London-based indie-rock outfit.

The band has a show at the amazing Hope and Anchor in Islington, London this Sunday the 15th. All the info is on via this link.