The Vanity Firm drops cinematic debut single, "The Ballad of the Broken Man"

Released at the strike of midnight on the 1st of January 2023 The Vanity Firm launched into the year with their debut single, "The Ballad of the Broken Man". Having launched their social channels in 2022 the Chester singer-songwriter then proceeded to work on his debut single, and what a release it is.

Moody and powerful, what a debut single this truly is!

The tender guitar in the intro reminds me a lot of early Arctic Monkeys, and as soon as the bass comes in you'd half be expecting a kick of a drum and frantic tempo, but what The Vanity Firm has done here is keep the BPM lower and has made it a moody affair.

The single is something that Nick Cave would be proud of, it's big, and moody with powerful licks of electronic guitars. The chorus is simply fantastic and just confirms why we love this tack, what an amazing debut single this is!

Be also sure to check out their TikTok page where The Vanity Firm performs covers of famous songs!