Tillerman unveils breezy and retro-tinted new single, "Hear Angels Cry"

On the scene since 2019 is Tillerman, and just last week saw the Leeds-based band release their new single, "Hear Angels Cry". The new single is actually lifted off from their debut album and is a moody example of what the forthcoming LP may sound like.

Tillerman's new single "Hear Angels Cry" is so breezy and retro-tinted.

Going off their previous tracks they sound like The Beatles if they formed in the 21st century, and this new offering is more of a jangly affair. Vocally it's very smooth with a breezy haze covering it, a delightful playful guitar giving it some brightness.

It's a perfect slice of upbeat indie-rock with lots of nods to the 1970s and early 80s -so if you like what you hear then great, there's much more coming where that came from!