Warahenege shares sonic new track, "Blue Atoms"

Coming right out of the heart of Manchester is Warahenege with his first track since the release of his highly-acclaimed debut EP "Velvet, Black, Ignite" last year. The new song takes what his listeners are use to and has refined it even more that thousands of new ears will be picking up on his dreamy tones.

"Blue Atoms" can seriously propel him into stardom, keep an eye on him if I were you.

Opening up "Blue Atoms" is a dreamy wave of sun-kissed guitars laced with hazy vocals. It's almost as if you're wading your way through syrupy-goodness it's so rich in sweet tones. 

The single has a great drumbeat that carries you from chorus to chorus and while I was melting into the track I found myself reflecting in how this reminds me a little bit of WET and Cigarettes After Sex - as he certainly is punching above his 'bedroom-pop' tag, this feels like it's got arena filler written all over it.