Abbie Callahan shares sweet new tune, "Love Hangover"

Americana is a genre that is very hit or miss with me, but this song is a big hit for me and it's down to Abbie Callahan's stunning vocals. Yes, the new track from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter is a cut above the rest.

Vocally this is stunning and I want to get that out of the way, as you should seriously focus on it, like my goodness.

"Love Hangover" is a bright and upbeat slice of Americana.

The track opens up with warm acoustic guitars before sliding into a tone that sounds borderline Country, perhaps down to her the blend of her Iowa-Tennessee-blended vocal tones but it's slick as anything. When the track reaches the chorus you're welcomed with some deep and twanging guitars that adds even more atmosphere . 

Speaking about the song Abbie mentions - "I hope my music makes my listeners feel less alone as they go through the peaks and valleys of life and I specifically hope to empower the women who listen to my music to feel comfortable in who they are"

Having featured on The Voice in the USA at the age of 15 and on American Idol at 17 it's clear she has the talent as you can hear from this bright and upbeat slice of Americana. So do be sure to follow her on Spotify and like her tunes to stay up to date with future releases!