Anfang shares frantic and anthemic new tune, "Honey Trudge"

Anfang may have one of the best Spotify artist page headers I've ever seen - check it out if I was you - and the band now has an equally stunning track to compliment it. "Honey Trudge" is the new offering from the Chicago-based rock trio and it's got it all.

Frantic and anthemic

Literally going in head first into the song you're instantly in the deep end with tumbling guitars flowing over huge drums. Vocally the track is up there with some of the best punk-rock anthems, and with the vocal effects giving it a 'speaker-phone' drone over it in places it gives the listener that you're in a live setting.

Honestly, I can see this being chaos of the good kind when seeing them perform it live. The combination of the frantic pace of the tune with the anthemic vocal hooks may just set them up for a killer 2023. If you love this then go to Spotify for more of the same!