Arden Alexa reveals new single, "Strawberry Pie"

San Francisco's Arden Alexa recently has revealed her fantastic new single, "Strawberry Pie", which comes off the back of a solid 2022 which saw her get over 100k plays via Spotify and YouTube.

Released just this Friday gone it's a fantastic slice of pop music with some incredibly smooth and pitch perfect vocal tones. It's a reasonably stripped back track with the vocals being the center point for the track, crunchy guitars bounce in and out while the percussion keeps the tempo set just so that you're always waiting for more.

A subtle blend of ska-guitars and pop vocals helps to give "Strawberry Pie" that addictive feel.

Speaking about the song she mentions - "It wasn’t until four years after meeting my first love that I was actually able to write a song about him. When I sat down to write 'Strawberry Pie', I knew I wanted the song to recreate all the playful, fun, youth of that relationship while simultaneously conveying the sarcastic hurt following our breakup. Just as this song was a cathartic experience for me to write, I hope listeners can use it as both an ironic “getting over you” song and a freeing, joyful anthem".

The backing vocals and the subtle ska-style guitars makes the sound for me and helps to get "Strawberry Pie" stuck into my mind, as I found myself humming it back once the song was over!