Blue Painted Flag reveals soaring new single, "Daisy and Dandelions"

Stockholm's Blue Painted Flag earlier this month revealed their new single, "Daisy and Dandelions", with it being their first outing of 2023 and only the second since 2020.

"Daisy and Dandelions" continues on from their previous singles, with warm guitars washing over the whole of the track you instantly feel like you've been transported to a sun-kissed island.

Blue Painted Flag has a soulful and hazy sound which is so enriched in warm tones.

Vocally it's equally as warm, with the hazy vocals offering the listener some surf-rock kind of sounds, and combined with the aforementioned guitars it's a pleasant combination for your ears.

Blue Painted Flag is a solo project of Michel Wakim, and it's been his vessel for his talent since 2017 when he dropped his three-track demo EP, and since he's evolved into this soulful and hazy sound which is so enriched in warm tones.

Speaking about the song he mentions - "I have been battling depression for over 12 years, after my eye sight broke down. I was a lonely and lost dandelion, looking for a purpose, hoping to one day be able to feel the sun, not only on my skin, but in my soul. One day, the sunshine pierced through my body, into my heart. She came as a daisy in the spring. That is what this song tries to capture, the dance and love between the daisy and the dandelion, and how they tangle in each other in sunshine and under the starlight."

You can check this out and many more tunes over on his Spotify page, so head on down when you get a chance!