Camilo EG shares charismatic new single, "Ay Ay Ay Ay"

San Diego's Camilo EG just last week revealed his brand new single, "Ay Ay Ay Ay", and the title of the track actually comes from when his three month old daughter "spontaneously shouted 'ay ay ay ay' melodically across the breakfast table one morning."

Melodic and charging indie-rock 

The new offering is his first since "Si Tu Te Ves" came out back in November of 2022, and right away you can tell that the single is going to be incredibly upbeat with how charging the intro is.

The listener is given plenty of guitar hooks to get their ears wrapped around with soaring moments that'll get any guitar lover interested. Percussion-wise it's frantic and will be able to entice people in a live setting to turn the music venue into a dancefloor.