Chucky Trading Co reveals charming single, "Sleepwalking Through History"

Sometimes we all need a wind down with some soft-rock, and today is that day as we bring to you Chucky Trading Co's charming single, "Sleepwalking Through History". The new offering is the thirteenth single since Laurel (Chucky Trading Co) started releasing on Spotify back in 2021.

Just so charming, vocally and instrumentally with plenty of sounds for you to get lost in.

The new single was made with producer Everett Young and it has some wonderful moments baked within it. The soaring strings around the two minute mark helps to bulk the track out and make it very cinematic. The delicate xylophones mixed with the organic tambourine and acoustic guitar is a fantastic combination too, and when it all comes together you're left charmed.

Hailing from Florida it's clear that Chucky Trading Co's music is loved worldwide, and with this charming single out for all to hear I can easily see Laurel hitting up Folk festivals on this side of the Atlantic.