Coleman.X unveils electronically charged new tune, "all alone"

Hailing out of Nashville is Coleman.X and they've recently unveiled their electronically charged new tune, "all alone". Now when you think of Tennessee you don't think of this type of music, it's usually more upbeat and brighter in tone, but I tell you what the Avant-Garde scene sounds like it's in good hands.

"all alone" sounds like the track to push him further!

Coleman.X is the solo project of singer-songwriter Coleman Chambliss and is his first single since July 2022's tune, "secrets". It feels like "all alone" has been worth the time as it's just large from the get-go. You've got those Daft Punk-esque vox opening it up before his soulful tones come rolling over, but when the track becomes whole is when those big guitars come in.

"all alone" leans towards the Hyper-Pop subgenre, but Coleman.X is not forgetting his dreamy pop roots - give "pouring" a play, and it's a haunting alt-pop bop. With every release he is getting better, and "all alone" sounds like the track to push him further!