InAir returns with huge new offering, "Pieces"

Reading's very own InAir has recently returned with their first track of 2023, and it's huge new offering in the form of "Pieces". We said in a previous review that the sky is the limit, and it sounds like they're not far from it as this is yet another stunning alt-rock anthem.

The track is another big statement from the Reading lads, keep an eye on them!

Once  more the trio are offering you a huge sound of guitars with some charming mid 2000s electronics mixed into the mix. Relatable lyrics ensures that you'll be singing along to this within the second play, and with some emotive tones behind it driving it forwards it's going to end up in your 'anthem' playlists for sure.

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Joe says " ... "Pieces" is about stopping something you love doing to ultimately better yourself. I wrote the barebones of the song and Connor really helped flesh it out with the electronics"